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Stamford Connecticut is primarily influenced by business; four Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here. This has helped the modernization of most of city and makes it the second largest financial district in the New York Metro area after New York itself. Stamford’s numerous neighborhoods offer a wide range of architectural styles and living options, from downtown apartments and lofts to more suburban homes.

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Multicultural, well educated, families, affluent, service workers, professionals, managers.


Higher than state average prices, strong sales figures, growing population, strong rental market.


Cultural, outdoors-based, active, historical, commercial, big business-influenced.

You’ll Love

Modern city, waterfront location, museums, nature center, parks and gardens, easy access to New York.

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Commuting, shopping, antiquing, golf, dining out, night life, music and theater.

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Stamford Connecticut was founded as a town in 1640, and by the 18th century had developed an industry based on merchandising by water because of its proximity to New York and position on Long Island Sound. During the 19th century, New York residents began to build summer homes on the shoreline; some even moved there and commuted to New York by train, a practice that is popular to this day. The relocation of many corporations from New York to other areas provided Stamford with a massive economic boost in the latter half of the 20th century.

The city of Stamford has 8 parks, several of which offer residents and visitors beaches or are located very close to bodies of water. The parks feature many facilities for sports and recreation, allowing residents to bike, hike, jog, fish or play baseball, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and much more. Cove Island Park is home to a small wildlife sanctuary and an ice rink which offers public ice skating for all levels and ages.

Downtown Stamford is home to a cluster of corporate headquarters, including a number of Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and Courant 100 companies. The thriving economy and money flowing through the city has turned the city center into a vibrant neighborhood, mixing new residential developments with commercial and service interests including shopping, restaurants, nightlife, arts and music and theater.

The Stamford Museum and Nature Center offers relief from the frenetic and lively downtown scene. It contains over 100 acres of woodland dotted with creeks and ponds. The nature trail running through the grounds allows visitors to spot animals such as foxes, raccoons and otters. Also on site is a museum featuring local and American history, American art and farming history; a working farm still stands on the center’s grounds.

Stamford Public Schools comprises 12 elementary schools, five middle schools and three high schools, which serve 16,00 students. Recent students have excelled; the class of 2013 took over 1,700 AP exams in 28 subjects, while students in the city received 259 AP Scholar awards. There were also three National Merit semi-finalists and 15 commended students in the same year.



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