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Fairfield is one of Connecticut’s oldest settlements. Its name comes from its founder Roger Ludlowe, who, upon seeing the land for the first time, thought it was ideal for raising cattle. During its history, Fairfield has largely depended on agricultural economy, which has helped the town remain unusually scenic and industry-free to this day. Fairfield’s location on the shore of the Long Island Sound and the numerous lakes in the area make it a tranquil and relatively sleepy town.

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Affluent, highly educated, families, professionals, managers, scientists, teachers, middle-aged.


Rural and suburban neighborhoods, above state average prices, wide range of home values


Sleepy, tranquil, rural, relaxed, serene, cultural

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Museums, history, coastal location, scenic lakes, parks and open spaces

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Education, food and drink, community events and festivals, shopping, commuting

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Fairfield is one of the oldest settlements in Connecticut; the area of land that is present day Fairfield was purchased in 1639. It quickly became one of the principal settlements in Southwestern Connecticut. During the American Revolution, Fairfield was an early supporter of the cause for independence and in 1779, approximately 2,000 British troops invaded the and burned the town to the ground. Soon after the war, however, Fairfield had rebuilt most of its houses and public buildings and returned to its agrarian lifestyle.

The advent of World War I transformed the local economy from agrarian-based to one of munitions and factories. Fairfield began to prosper, and the population grew even during the Great Depression. Another wave of development was instigated by the opening of the Connecticut Turnpike, and by the late 19690s character had been firmly established.

The town of Fairfield has a very strong sense of community and organizes multiple community events throughout the year, as well as a series of summer concerts that take place at the Sherman Green Gazebo, located in the heart of the town. A number of theaters around the town present performances year-round, and have attracted local artists as well as touring companies. Fairfield boasts over 170 acres of parks, 5 miles of beaches, 36 sports fields, 2 golf courses, 2 marinas and much, much more in terms of fitness and exercise facilities.

Fairfield provides an excellent education system at all levels. The town’s school district is served by two public high schools, three public middle schools and eleven public elementary schools. There are also several private schools in the area. For further education, Fairfield is home to two universities: Fairfield University, a teaching-oriented school; and Sacred Heart University, a Roman Catholic university with an enrolment of over 6,000 students.



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