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Bridgeport is Connecticut’s most populated city, primarily due to its river and harbor access. During the second half of the 20th century, the city struggled economically, though in the last few decades Bridgeport has been resurgent thanks to new developments along the waterfront and the conversion of office buildings into residential. In 2009, Bridgeport City Council approved a new master plan for development and the following year a $20million medical and housing complex was announced in the city.

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Multicultural, health care and education workers, middle-aged, families, professionals.


Affordable houses, strong selling market, high cost of living, economic growth, population growth.


Small town feel in a large city, with a sense of community, neighborhood spirit and traditional values.

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Coastal location, amenities, health care facilities, community events and festivals, wide range of museums.

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Coastal living, culture, community events, big city amenities, food and drink.

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The first English settlement in what is now Bridgeport was made in the mid-1600s; Bridgeport itself was chartered as a city in 1836. The city’s early years were marked by a reliance on fishing and farming, and its location in the in the Newfield Harbor fostered a boom in shipbuilding and whaling. During the 19th century, Bridgeport became a manufacturing center producing such goods as the milling machine, carriages, sewing machines and ammunition, among other products.

By 1930, Bridgeport was a thriving industrial center with over 500 factories; however restructuring of heavy industries in the mid-20th century and deindustrialization, coupled with the suburban development, contributed to economic decline in the city. Since then, though, Bridgeport has redeveloped several areas of the city, and in the last 5 years the city council and other local authorities have approved multiple new developments, which have attracted more residents to move back to Bridgeport.

Bridgeport is home to over 20 parks, earning it the nickname “The Park City”. In 1881, the city contracted the creator of New York City’s Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted, to create a design for Beardsley Park, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The park also features Beardsley Zoo, the only zoo in the state of Connecticut. As well as the zoo, Bridgeport has a number of museums that range from science-oriented to historical and fine arts.

Bridgeport is the annual home to Gathering of the Vibes, a weekend long arts and music festival featuring some of the best names in festival talent. The city also has a number of venues for live theater and music events, including the Black Rock Art Center, a multi-cultural center which presents artists from around the world.

Every July the city of Bridgeport presents the Barnum Festival, named for one of the city’s most famous residents, circus ringmaster P.T. Barnum, who also served as mayor of Bridgeport. The festival illuminates the downtown area with fireworks, parades and circus performers. For more Barnum-related fun, Bridgeport is home to the Barnum museum which features exhibits from his Big Top career as well as a collection of Victorian scientific and historical items that Barnum bequeathed to the city.

The Bridgeport Public Schools system has just over 20,000 students, making it the second largest school system in connecticut. The city has started a large school renovation and construction program, with plans for new schools and modernization of existing buildings. The Bridgeport system has three comprehensive high schools, two alternative programs and an interdistinct vocational aquaculture school.



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